The Black Flood

Adventure On!

What Happened Next

The ‘Jormungandr’ arrived in Sapphire Port this morning. We went down to see it for ourselves. This is amazing! We saw it sink during the hurricane. Anyway we got to work on helping with the crew that survived. Grotto took a count of who did and who didn’t. They were all cared for by the port authorities.

We still couldn’t find Bob! We sent a message. We got a response, written in donkey. Bob no longer wants to be with us. We didn’t care for him very well while on the ship and after we got to port. I don’t blame him. I do hope he finds another owner that he likes better. I still remember the password and how to reset it!

I got all my gear and went back to the ghosts in the field. They ghost touched all my mundane items. I really want to help these guys. They’re not like me. They can’t adventure. My theory is that if they succeed in something they failed at then they will crossover. In other words, they must succeed in defending the city. I thanked them and hoped to see them again.

Muldoon asked the 3 remaining pirates, who joined the ‘Jormungandr’ crew, about the dinos. They say the creatures came from Burning. Where’s that? They also directed him to an area in the city. A man was caring for them by letting people come and feed them. This did offset his cost some. Muldoon got Bluebeard back. The dinos looked a lot better than the last time I saw them. Muldoon decided to sell the other dinos to the man for 120 pp. He said they would be trained for city defense. Muldoon divided the pp and gave Grotto, Nin and me 30 pp each. We needed to know more about where they came from. So we located the library.

While in the library we found info on Burning. It’s an island that separated from Tull long ago. The reason its called Burning is that the land is so hot that one must wear special fire resistant shoes. How the creatures there live there, I don’t know.

I also located a wizard in the library that could tell me about the 4 quills and the small wooden box I have. He agreed for 30 gp each. Well, I started with the box with “Listless” on it. He said it was a folding boat. They are quite common in this area and he didn’t charge me for the info. The quills were different. Quill #1 (green & blue peacock-looking) records pictures, memories, conversations on parchment or paper. Quill #2 (brown & white, fluffy & soft) encodes anything written with it. Quill#3 (a phoenix feather) records conversations. Quill #4 (rainbow feathers from base to tip) empowers any spell written by it. A wizard would truly love this one. I paid the wizard 120 gp and thanked him for the info.

We went back to the inn and found Darkwing, the humanoid crow merchant, there. Muldoon asked discreetly about a special item. Darkwing took us into a special hidden section of his cart. Muldoon purchased a vial of pufferfish poison for 200 gp. It seems Bluebeard can consume poison and not affect him. This gets stored in his body and when he bites something or someone, he can leave poison behind. Muldoon wants to keep this ability ready in case we need it on our journey. The poison in the vial is concentrated, so Muldoon must use small amounts in Bluebeard’s food. This purchase almost broke Muldoon. After we left Darkwing, Muldoon lamented he needed cash. Well, I loaned him the 30 pp he gave me. I have an IOU for it. He’ll use it to purchase special oils needed for his prestige class. After that we went back to the inn.

At the inn, we slept well, had breakfast, and packed our stuff to leave. We went back to the docks to visit the crew of the ‘Jormungandr’ one last time. We got hugs and farewells. Grotto will be overseeing Devon’s favor to the ship’s wizard. We also got a warning about slavers. Devon will no longer be traveling with us.

We are now on our way to Orbrect to see the dwarves there. We need diamonds for Devon’s favor.

As we traveled, we meet a group of four with the symbol of Heirotus on their attire. Their leader, Korn Whitehand, who actually had a white arm that he didn’t use much, gave us a warning about the undead in the area. He also spoke of lizards in the swamp, an area we may have to cross later. His three apprentices were Korvestral Lightshield, Alidur Smithson, and Dureg Foresight. They also gave we more info. If you find yourselves in danger, head west. Find the water. The undead can’t cross water. Good intel for the future. I also noted they had weapons, armor, and carried large bags. The bags contained the ashes of the undead they had destroyed. We wished them well and thanked them before continuing our journey.

Night was approaching and we made camp. Grotto and I took care of the animals. Nin made a fire. Muldoon went hunting. He got a really big buck and had to contact Nin to bring one of the horses to help get it back to camp. We all ate quite well. Muldoon put a few drops of the pufferfish poison in the meat and fed it to Bluebeard. Grotto had several spices to flavor the meat and vegetables. We all ate well. We decided on who would take first watch.

Grotto got the first watch. She sees a fire floating in the air but not coming in our direction. It disappears. I took next watch. It was uneventful. Nin took the third watch. He got a little surprise when Spew made noise while lurking in the brush outside the camp. Otherwise Nin’s watch was uneventful too.

Morning came and Muldoon made coffee for all of us. Spew tries the coffee and doesn’t like it. Muldoon hisses at him for his opinion. Spew spits peanut butter all over Muldoon because the dragon was offended. That doesn’t take much to do. This is not the first time this has happened. On the positive side, we have some good peanut butter to add to our travel food. Spew was quite satisfied.

We break camp and travel North. We see the past in the form of the remains of villages. There is a heaviness that we all can feel. Muldoon and Grotto search a destroyed house and find a vial of purple liquid. The nearly ruined label says ‘A Night’s Rest’. The potion allows the drinker to recover from fatigue. The main ingredient is Elvishside (Elvishshade?). Nin knows about this. He also knows about the war that did all this damage. It was a short war but very destructive. Assassinations of the various royal families were tried, some succeeded, and reduced their power. It was nice of Nin to share the knowledge.

We made camp again as nightfall approached. Muldoon went hunting again and brought back rabbits. Grotto added the spices and vegetables again. Once more Muldoon put a few drops of the poison on Bluebeard’s meat. A few more times and that dino will be very advantageous in a fight. While dinner was cooking, I checked the area. I found hoofprints that didn’t belong to a horse nor a deer. I was an unknown creature.

Suddenly Bluebeard stood up and looked in the same direction I had found the prints. Nin cast a spell (detect undead). There is a zombie coming towards our camp! It’s eyes are red and filled with hate! It hates the living! I feel it and I’m paralyzed! I’m a ghost how does this happen?



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