The Black Flood

At the Mercy of Mother Nature

And she's not in a good mood.

This adventure finds the party trapped at sea. The Jormungandr’s rudder is broken, and the Cold Dead Fish’s mast has been toppled. The Cold Dead Fish can be repaired, and that is what the crew, party members included, set to do. With Gau-lok, Muldoon, and Verna in the cargo hold, either keeping the dinosaurs occupied, searching for things, or retrieving the back-up mast, the repairing process is underway. Meanwhile, Devon learns an arcane Create Water spell from the injured ship wizard Nikolai Robilard, which he uses to help quench the thirst of the crew, the party, and the extra sixty mouths they now need to feed. Grotto, a bit hindered due to her missing foot, has been helping Ratchet care for the injuries of the slaves the party found in the hull of the Cold Dead Fish. One of whom, Cesaire Lark, a dark-haired elf man, strikes up conversation with Grotto and helps with the medical attention.

The work is tedious and hard, but in order for any chance of survival, all must be moved to the Cold Dead Fish, as it is the only boat that is sea-worthy at the moment.

Among the strange items the party finds in the captain’s quarters is an old, tarnished sword that apparently has a mind of its own.

After a couple days of hard labor and logging records for the various slaves, the party wakes to a grim visage in the distance. A hurricane is brewing, and with the ships already in a wrecked state, this could mean certain death for our adventurers.

Devon urges Nikolai to use magic outside of his ability to help calm the storm, which Nikolai does, but only if Devon assists. Otherwise, he could go into arcane overload and severely damage himself. The two together cast magic more powerful than either of them could cast separately, and it seems to have little effect on the storm at present. However, even as the magic is cast, it drains some of their life force to compensate.

Will the adventurers reach Sapphire Port or will the might of the sea take them? Will Devon ever see his brothers again? Will Verna ever get her ghost-touched weapons?!



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