Verna Sandshifter

A Tull Desert halfing who's not all there at times


Class: Rogue/Eidolon
Level: 4/3
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Desert Halfling
Age: 28
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 2’ 10"
Weight: 0 (Incorporeal)
Size: Small
Type: Outsider Subtype: Augmented Humanoid, Extraplanar, Incorporeal
Homeland/Village: Tull Desert/Sandshifter Clan
STR == Mod 0 (Incorporeal)
STR 8 Mod -1 (Fully Manifested)
DEX 18 Mod 4
CON 14 Mod +2
INT 14 Mod +2
WIS 12 Mod
CHA 12 Mod 1
Hit Points 30
Initiative: 8 = 4 (DEX mod) + 4 (Improved Initiative Feat)
Base Attack Bonus: +6
Spell Resistance: = Grapple: 1 = 6 (BAB) + (-1) STR Mod + (-4) Size Mod AC: Incorporeal 17 AC: Fully Manifested 17 Touch AC: 15 Flat-Footed: 12 Damage Reduction: =
Appearance: 77 -2 Disturbing Appearance (Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Perform)
Fort: 5/8 (Base: +2; Ability Mod: 2; Temp Mod: 4 Heat)
Reflex: 9/10 (Base: +5; Ability Mod: 3; Temp Mod: 1 Traps)
Will: 9/10 (Base: +4; Ability Mod: 1; Eidolon Mod: 3; Temp Mod 2 vs Fear)
Short Sword: ATT Bonus: +6; Damage: 1d4 -1; Critical: 19-20×2; Range =; Type: Piercing; Wt: 2 lbs
Shortbow: ATT Bonus: +6; Damage: 1d4 -1; Critical: X3; Range: 60 ft; Type: Piercing; Wt: 2 lbs
‘Pinkie Tool’ Dagger +1 *can be used while incorporeal
ATT Bonus: +5: Damage: 1d4
1; Critical: 19-20×2; Range: 10 ft; Type: Piercing/Slashing; Wt: 1 lb
Ammunition: Ice Arrows Wt 3 (24)
Experience Points: 23,250 XP to Next Level: 28,000
Armor: None Proficient with Light Armor Shield: None
Languages: Thieves Cant, Halfling, Common, Elven, Goblin

RACIAL TRAITS: HALFLING (PHB): +2 DEX; +1 Size bonus to AC; +1 Racial Att Bonus with Thrown Weapon; +1 Size Bonus on ATT Rolls; +4 Size Bonus on Hide Checks; +1 Bonus to All Saving Throws; +2 Morale bonus vs Fear; +2 Move Silently Checks; +2 Listen Checks; Proficient Weapons: All simple Weapons, hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, short sword
DESERT HALFLING (Unearthed Arcana, p12): Heat Endurance +4 Racial Bonus on Fort Saves vs hot weather; +2 Sleight of Hand checks; +2 Racial Bonus on Hide Checks

Proficient Weapons: All simple weapons, hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, short sword
Sneak Attack – +2d6 damage; Evasion – Reflex vs Attack that normally deals 1/2 damage
Uncanny Dodge – Retains DEX bonus to AC, even Flat-Footed or by invisible attacker
Trap Sense – +1 Reflex to avoid traps & +1 Dodge vs attacks made by traps
Trapfinding (Search Check); Improved Uncanny Dodge (8th lv) – can’t be flanked

WILDERNESS ROGUE – (Unearthed Arcana, p56)
Woodland Stride (7th level) – Normal speed thru undergrowth
Camouflage (13th level) – Hide Skill in any type of terrain
Hide in Plain Sight (17th level) – Hide Skill when being observed

EIDOLON – (Ghostwalk Campaign Option)
Free Multiclassing; Low Light Vision; +4 Hide Checks
Ghost Feats: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th

(8 + INT modifier) x 4; 8 + INT modifier level advancement – Rogue Level 4
2 + INT modifier; 2 + INT modifier advancement – Eidolon Level 2
Bluff -2 (-2 Appearance)
Diplomacy -2/0 (2 when wearing Desert Rose Comb + Fancy Dress)
Disable Device 12
Gather Information -2 (-2 Appearance)
Hide 15
Intimidate 2
Knowledge (Geography) 4
Knowledge (Nature) 4
Knowledge (Ghost Lore) 4
Knowledge (Local) 0 (Red Rum Pirates + Tull Desert Dinos)
Listen 8
Move Silently 9
Open Lock 13
Perform -2 (-2 Appearance)
Search 10
Sleight of Hand 11
Spot 8
Survival 9
Tumble 7
Use Magic Devise 6
Use Rope 4 (
2 learned Knots while on sailing adventure)

SPELL-LIKE ABILITY: Blessed Aim 1/day
Caster Level: 3
Components: V, S
Range: 50 ft
Duration: 1 minute/level
Savings Throw: WILL negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: NO
Effect: 50-ft radius spread centered on you
With the blessing of your deity, you bolster your allies’ aim with an exhortation.
Allies within spread gain +2 Morale Bonus on ranged attack rolls.

Appearance (GWCO, p.11-12) Disturbing – large gash across the abdomen
-2 penalty on Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Perform & CHA checks
+2 bonus on Intimidate checks
Ghost Trait (GWCO p.8-9): Scent – Cinnamon
Ghost Path (GWCO p.15-16): Traveler
Feats – Ethereal Sidestep, ^Full Manifestation, Ghost Flight, ^Ghost Glide, Improved Ghost Flight, Incorporeal Form

GHOST QUALITIES Ghost Template, GCO, p.163-164
Low-Light Vision As per description in Player’s Handbook
Can sense Physical Body with successful Survival Check or WIS Check (DC 15)
Disembodied Soul GCO, p.164
Ectoplasmic Body GCO, p.164
No Discernible Anatomy GCO, p.164 (Almost the same as Incorporeal)
INCORPOREAL: Immune to ALL Non-Magical Attacks with non-magical weapons, INCLUDING Critical Hits, Extra damage from being Favored Enemies, Sneak Attacks
INCORPOREALITY (DMG, p.294-295) Incorporeal Miss Chance: 50% chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source, except force effect (Magic Missile) or by a ghost touch weapon
Immune to all normal fires, natural cold, mundane acids
Move in any direction at will (up & down included)
Pass through solid objects at will, but cannot see when eyes are in solid matter
+2 circumstance bonus to Listen Checks while hiding in solid objects
Cannot be heard unless PC decides to make noise
PC Physical Attacks ignore material armor & magic armor, except for armor made of Force or ghost touch ability
Cannot fall or take falling damage
CANNOT be TRIPPED or GRAPPLED by corporeal creatures
Have no weight & do not set off traps that are triggered by weight
Do not leave footprints, no scent
Pass through and operate in water as easily as in air
FULLY MANIFESTED Solid, has weight, can be harmed by normal weapons, grappled normally
Loses Incorporeal Miss Chance (See above)
Loses Natural Deflection bonus, CHA based
Gains Natural Armor bonus, this equal Natural Deflection bonus lost above
Still takes damage from Ghost Poisons and Ghost Bane Weapons

Improved Initiative – +4 bonus to Initiative Rolls
Track – Use Survival skill check

Walk (base) 20 ft; Hustle 40 ft; Run (x3) 60 ft; Run (x4) 80 ft
Incorporeal – Fly 30 ft; Fully Manifested – Fly 5 ft (Ghost Glide Feat)
LOAD: Max DEX Check Pen Run
Light 19 1/2 lbs Normal NOR NOR
Med 19 1/2 – 39 +3 +3 -3
Heavy 39-60 +1 +1 -6
Lift Over Head 120
Lift Off Ground 240
Push or Drag 300

EQUIPMENT/POSSESSIONS Location Weight (lbs.)
Backpack (ghost touch) Back 0.75
Periapt of Health (Necklace silver chain with blue stone) 1
Cinnamon – bag 1
Wand of Ice (50 charges) unused =
Wand of Ice – see charge use below =
Hammer 1
Thieves’ Tools (Masterwork) 1
Desert Rose Comb (1 Diplomacy Checks + stacks with dress) ==
Fancy Dress (small size) (
1 Diplomacy Checks + stacks with comb) ==
Mirror Disk ==
Jade Dagger (ghost touch) (non-magical) ==
Small Wooden Box with “Listless” on the side (magical) 0.5
Weapon Care Kit 1
Magnifying Glass (Muldoon-keeping for party use) (Magical) ==
Star Chart on Cloth inside Long box (Magical) 1
Seeker’s Compass (Boxed with 15 needles) – See Below ==
Bag of Holding (magical) money ==
Traveler’s Outfit – small size Body 1
Amulet of the Elder Tree +1 natural armor (ghost touch) Neck ==

Seeker’s Compass – Boxed 15 Needles – Color
Water Blue
Gold Gold
Civilization Green
North White
Danger Red
Unknown Gray
Most Powerful Good Aura Silver
Most Powerful Evil Aura Onyx
Storm Gray with Electric sizzle
Help Pink
Shelter Bronze
Blank Clear
Blank Clear
Blank Clear
Blank Clear
Earned during Sapphire Port’s Festival via a game called Seeker’s Find


Verna Sandshifter was/is the daughter of a Desert Halfling mother and a Lightfoot Halfling father. Her father, Milo Bushrusher, was a wandering soul, and many say he got a double dose of it. He could never stay in one place for long. He traveled tirelessly, and had to create several aliases to hide his reputation for larceny. He collected wanted posters of himself. He was not a ladies man and the thought of a family seemed to persuade him from any true relationships. His travels finally brought him to the Tull Desert, where through a strange bit of luck he met Jendayi Sandshifter, a desert Halfling ranger, while he was in city called Solero Oasis.

The dark skinned Halfling stumbled upon Milo and two human rogues planning a robbery one night and witnessed Milo leaving to do his part. She continued to listen and heard the humans decide to double cross their new Halfling accomplice. She left the scene and was able to get the attention of a local officer. However he was slow to arrive in the area. In her absence the robbery went bad with the victim fighting better than assumed, but the loot was obtained. The three rogues fled a short distance away. An argument ensued between them. Milo was wounded during the ensuing fight with one who sought to cut Milo out of his share. Jendayi, who was hidden behind a large pile of trash, fired arrows from a safe distance to protect the fallen Halfling. The two human rogues fled the scene when they heard the noise of the officer. Jendayi hid Milo in the shadows just before he arrived and began to chase after the two human rogues. With some difficulty, she got him to a wagon within her clan’s caravan and bandaged his wounds. The next day the caravan left Solero Oasis. During their journey Jendayi cared for Milo and he quickly recovered. Milo had not been to this part of the continent. Upon arriving in Jupito, Milo originally wanted to leave the caravan, but Jendayi convinced him to continue to their more permanent camp in a small mountain range east of Jupito. Jendayi’s clan welcomed Milo, but her brother, Haji, also a ranger, did not. The clan elders did secretly instruct individuals to watch his every move. They had heard tales from others of a Halfling thief fitting Milo’s description. Two lesser leaders wanted to turn in Milo to get the reward that was offered for his capture. However this was rejected as the elders did not want Jendayi to be forced to choose between clan and love. After all Jendayi was the best ranger in the clan. Milo was keenly aware of any surveillance, but he had become interested in this new region. He spent many evenings by the fire, telling tales of stolen loot and great escapes to anyone willing to listen. Jendayi was always there, listening, and learning. In time he let his guard down and the clan did nothing but watch.

Milo accompanied several small caravans to several different towns, outposts, and cities to earn his keep with Jendayi’s clan. However, his larceny trait became quite evident while exploring these locations. Jendayi worried that his actions would ruin the carefully built trust of the traders her clan depended on. Several times she stopped him from stealing, much to his chagrin. Though she wanted him to stay and settle down, Jendayi knew this was not going to happen, and spoke of this privately with Haji. Once the caravan returned to the permanent camp, Jendayi asked Milo to journey with her into the mountains. During their five day holiday, Jendayi told him of her clan’s ancestry. Milo was impressed, but he knew he could never change who he was. In the mountains they consummated their affections.

Milo said his farewell to the Sandshifter clan when the next caravan was ready one month later. He and Jendayi traveled to Jupito. He said farewell to her while trying to hide his own broken heart. Jendayi was saddened also but understood. She failed to tell Milo before his departure that she was pregnant with his child. A few months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Jendayi named her Verna, a name Milo claimed was also his mother’s. Jendayi never saw Milo again. Jendayi would stop at the local taverns or inns when the clan’s caravan was out doing business, just to see who was new in town. Most of the time, no one new arrived. However, occasionally a story from far traveled drifter would tell of a Halfling rogue with great cunning and matched Milo’s description. Jendayi would buy the stranger several drinks to hear the tale again. She would sit quietly and listen. When it was over she would thank the traveler and walk away with a smile on her face, but sadness in her heart.

As Verna grew up, many noticed her complexion was lighter than the normal Sandshifter clan members. Her eyes and hair are still black. She inherited her father’s traveling spirit, but not his larceny trait. Jendayi guided her daughter’s rogue talents towards opening locks, disabling devices, and survival. Verna’s sleight of hand is a worrisome trait that reminds her of Milo. Out of respect for her mother, Verna would not steal and used her skills to open items safely for clansmen. There are those who are aware of the Sandshifter reputation as reliable traders and would not hesitate to harm it. Haji became the positive male role in Verna’s life. His fatherly approach eased the pain of not knowing her true father. The only picture of him Jendayi kept was a wanted poster he accidentally left behind. It has faded over the years. Verna hoped she would someday locate her father. Every time she would travel with a caravan she would actively search the inns and taverns for any news of the Halfling rogue. She would hear a story in passing, but could never decide whether it was real or just embellished from another tale. The typical Halfling wonder lust did not affect Verna, much to Jendayi’s relief. Over time she became a wilderness rogue.

Death of Verna Sandshifter
While traveling on a particularly long trading route, Verna’s caravan was attacked by bandits. The Sandshifters defended themselves. The bandits were killed and the lone survivor fled into the desert, but several Sandshifter clan members were also killed or injured. Verna died after receiving a large gash from one of the bandits’ full attack across her abdomen. Her soul remained with the caravan for only a day. Jendayi noticed her absence and truly feels alone now. In accordance to clan tradition and ghost lore, her clan has preserved her body and stored it a secret cave. The clan will watch and wait until her wandering soul returns. Jendayi and Haji are currently collecting enough gold to pay to have her resurrected.

Since her death, Verna has found herself on another continent and adventuring. She likes her ghost self and now can play harmless pranks on people in the towns she visits. Her favorite is rearranging the cutlery of restaurants and inns during daylight hours. She has collected several local newspapers with articles about her behavior.

The Sandshifter Clan learned long ago that the ghosts of fallen family can be advantageous to its survival. Children understand ghost lore and are treated with the same respect given to them in life. Sometimes the most recently departed disappears for a time, but usually returns. Ghost touch magic items are highly prized and are very well cared for. Most are acquired through trade, but on occasion stolen from other notably evil ghosts who cross paths with the clan. Only the most trusted magic item crafter will be sought for a ghost touch item. However, ghost touch items are not freely given to the recently deceased and must be earned. When a ghost succumbs to the Calling, his/her ghost touch items are distributed to the remaining ghosts of the clan.

Verna Sandshifter

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